Devlog 5

Hi all, Moxvallix here, writing yet another Devlog!

It has been an interesting week for the OpenSuspect project. We have made progress, in Programming, and in Branding. We have had some new recruits join our ranks, and we have unfortunately had a team leader step down.

Firstly, thanks to @orangemn6, the OpenSuspect website has had an update. It now sports a much cleaner interface, with a grey background, ready to be swapped out for images of gameplay (when they come, of course). You can check out the new website at OpenSuspect's official domain:!

The Programming Team has been busy this week, with work on an interactions plugin being implemented by @TheSecondReal0, role announcement by @Damjan94, and a kill system being implemented by @jngo102. Progress has been made, in part, thanks to the comprehensive Alpha release design document Game design came up with a few weeks back

However, we have unfortunately lost a leader this week. @Luke_Connor was the leader of the art team, and was the person who designed "glasses guy", the current character design for the project. Unfortunately, due to real life events, @Luke_Connor could not continue as Art Team leader, and stepped down. The Art Team are currently holding another election to determine the next leader. If you would like to learn more, wish @Luke_Connor a farewell, or wish him luck, we have this Reddit post dedicated to the topic.

That's all for this week. Thankyou for reading our Devlog, and if you are interested in following the project, join our Reddit to stay up to date with the latest Devlogs and announcements, or join our Discord to chat with the Devs! If you are interested in contributing, check out our Github for an up-to-date guide on how to start contributing!

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2020-11-24 08:01 -0500