Devlog 3

Hey, it’s me. I’m theslaughterbehindtheman. Now that Moxxy has been bound and gagged relieved of his duty, I will be doing the devlog from here.

So, big stuff that’s happened. We now have our first task, which is a huge milestone, since all of the logic behind it can be reused for all the other ones. We sorta chose a theme, lobby, etc. Our lobby is going to be a train with a moving background. Our theme is and I quote “60’s Berlin Spy” we did have a design for the character, but that brings us to our next point.

Unfortunately, the art team has faced some setbacks, and the character design is still under work. We will report back when that is sorted out!


We expect an beta (or at least an alpha) to be released sometime in November or December, due to the pace things are going.


We are looking for anyone who could help us out testing our colour-blind filters! We saw how Among Us was difficult for those with colour-blindness to play, and we have decided to make colour-blind accessibility a priority. If you have a type of colour-blindness, we would love for you to test our filters, so that we can make sure that they work as expected. Contact us on matrix at!

ok byeeee

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2020-11-01 13:41 -0500